Ingredients: Filtered water, natural flavors, activated charcoal powder sourced from coconut shells, citric acid. 


The activated charcoal used in Glim is made from Coconut shell that’s been heated to create internal  pores,  making  it  very  absorbent.


***Sold by case of 12 bottles.***

Activated charcoal water- 12 bottles

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  • ***Price per unite: $3.29. Sold by case of 12 bottles.***


    Glim is the only water containing activated charcoal. It helps cleanse the body and boost your health, all thanks to the amazing properties of the activated charcoal. It’s quite surprising, as it can be used on a daily basis  when you need a replenishing drink. The activated charcoal sourced from coconut shell in Glim adsorbs toxins and cleanses the mold within the body, acting like a magnet. Glim is also great for general detox diets, hangovers and maintaining a healthy skin.